What is Onyx

Onyx marbles are also called white onyx, Mexican Onyx or Egyptian Alabaster.

It is a rare stone made up of layered bands of light, translucent minerals.

Unlike many other common stones like granite, marble and quartz which are formed deep within the earth, Onyx is formed near the surface. Onyx forms from spring water or groundwater that has an abundance of calcite dissolved in it. This make Onyx is made up mainly of calcite. Water drips on stalactites and stalagmites, evaporates, leaves deposits of calcium carbonate and other minerals which create a stunning formation pattern in the stone. Onyx has the same mineral content which makes up limestone, marble and travertine, making a close relative. 

This precious rare stone has a breathtaking translucent effect with warm honey streaks from mineral deposits formed over thousands of years.

 What nature can create is truly breathtaking, a luxury piece of art