From the block to your project

MoS offers also the possibility to choose the onyx stone to use and the size of your lamp. We will send you some pictures of the stones available and you will choose your favorite. We will transform it in a unique piece of art for your interior


Can I choose my colors: As Onyx is a natural stone we have to work what nature gives us. Onyx primarily comes in white, amber and orange. You also get the occasional dark brown or grey streak which is formed by other minerals. When you place your order we can discuss our stock of stone that is available and the order can be adjusted based on what raw material is available at that time. 

Lighting and illuminating: Each lamp is finished to allow for a light bulb and wiring. Because we send our lamps all over the world there are many different electrical requirements. We suggest you work with a company locally who can install and certify the electrical work.

We recommend to use a bulb that allows to adjust the lightning depending on the mood and atmosphere you want. You can install smart bulbs where the color can be adjusted and it can be dimmed or brightened.

Send us an email for more info! We will provide you a quotation according to your desire!